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Approximately 5 million die every year from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Almost everyone know the dangers of smoking and just can not stop. The addiction to cigarettes is so strong that many are forced to live with the addiction. Now you can get your nicotine fix in a much healthier and safer way. The benefits to using a GPen Ecig are endless. You think that cigarette’s taste good? Wait until you try GPen. Don’t believe us? Try the complimentary starter kit, if you are not satisfied with the taste and quality  return it at no charge. GPen comes with a lifetime gaurantee.

Why GPen?

GPen electronic cigarettes have been able to change alot of things about smoking. Apart from giving you the same sensations, you can maintain a healthy active lifestyle. There are thousands of ingredients in traditional tobacco smoke vs. only a few in electronic cigarette vapor. Try it once and you will notice what all of the fuss is about. The future of cigarrettes is here and big tobacco companies are still in denial. Try GPen Ecig today and change the way you look at smoking forever.

vapex electronic cigarette

How Do GPen Ecig Work?

The product is a battery operated. As you push a button the atomizer is activated turning the electronic cigarette liquid in to vapor. The heater is controlled by a microprocessor that regulates the amount of vapor created. The whole process is optimized to give you a smoking sensation a lot more enjoyable than  normal cigarette’s.


vapex ecig

How is an E Cig Different from Regular Cigarettes?

Tobbaco Cigarrettes:
  • Are Filled with Cancer Causing Chemicals
  • Are Over Priced
  • Lead to awful odor
  • Lead to Yellow Teeth
  • Give you a bad breath
GPen Ecig:
  • Carbon Monoxide Free
  • Tar and ash free
  • Prevents second-hand smoke
  • Saves you money
  • Does not cause yellow teeth or bad breath
  • Does not cause an awful odor
Is GPen Safe?

GPen E Cigs contain high purity nicotine solution in liquid form, so you do not need to inhale all of those harmful chemicals to get the only one you really desire, the nicotine. You are not inhaling smoke of any kind, only vapor, so you avoid the toxic byproducts of tobacco that are consumed when inhaling a normal cigarette.

Features and Benefits
  • Smoke anytime anywhere:
  • Airports
  • Bars or NightClubs
  • At the Office
  • at Restaurants
  • In your house
Special Offers:

For a limited time, you can take a risk free trial of GPen by just paying $4.95 shipping and handling.


Get Your Free G Pen Vapor E-Cig’s Trial Kit

  • √ 1 G Pen Vapor E-Cig’s E-Cigarette battery
  • √ 4 E-Liquid Nicotine
  • √ 1 Mouth Piece
  • √ 3 Easy Fill Cartomizer Chamber
  • √ 1 Long Life Rechargeable Battery
  • √ 1 USB Easy Charger with cable
  •     Price: $49.95 $0.00

You Just Pay $4.95 To Cover Shipping Costs.

Supplies are limited. Offers Expire On Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Comments (Showing 1-7 of 47)

Posted by Diane

I read this article and decided to order my free trials right away. I received myshipment two days ago. I started using my cigarette right away and have to say, it works great!!!

Posted by JRAZZ98

I’ve been smoking e-cigarettes for a few months. I didn’t want to quite smoking entirely but was seeking a safer alternative. I’m starting to see more and more people using these. Everyone I’ve recommended it to loves it.

Posted by SexyMeowman

Looking forward to receiving my order!

Posted by Jared B

I started smoking these about a month ago. I’ve feel so much better and have regained my sense of taste. What a difference it is waking up in the morning and not coughing

Posted by Laura

Sounds great. My sister inlaw mentioned this to me few times. I just never got around to purchasing one. Just ordered my free trial. Cant wait.

Posted by NICK

Wife used these. Not sure what brand she bought. She was very happy how easily it made quiting smoking. I’m getting myself this free trial. Will let you know how it goes.

Posted by Miss Jen

I saw this on the news the other day. I watched and was going to order one but didn’t know which brand was good. You never lead us wrong in the past so i’m going to give the one you recommend a shot. Ordering it right now :) Thanks!

Amy Reese recently put the G Pen Vapor e-Cigarette to the test and has reported incredible smooth taste and overall great quality of product. Amy was a long time smoker and has recently made the change to G Pen Vapor. Our readers have been asking where they can get G Pen Vapor for themselves.


PAY ONLY FOR SHIPPING! Just $4.95 For A Limited Time

We have recieved loads of testimonials of people whom previously long time smokers have made the switch to healthy vapor. And with recent studies shedding the light on the safety of these devices, we feel its only a matter of time before the traditional cigarette is put out for good.

Trials of these products are limited. Expires on Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Others Are Saying

I have smoked a pack a day for 10 years and I am the last person you would think would make the switch to electronic cigarettes. But after reading your article and trying the G Pen Vapor ecig, i have to say i was hooked. My wife loves how much money i save and i love that i get to keep smoking without the damage to my body. win win

Mark Los Angeles

I have tried 100 ways to quit smoking. I hated smoking but couldnt break the habit no matter what I tried. I hated the taste, the smell in my clothes, the smell on my fingers…I am finally off smelly cigarettes and enjoying vapor! Truly a life saver!

Kristy New Jersey

Katherine Heigl uses and eCig with David Letterman

(Click on Video to Play)

Cigarettes are toxic to your heath and new studies show that switching to an e-cig may be the healthy answer you have been looking for after all. Critiques are claiming health concerns but studies show otherwise.

Fox News Special Report – FDA Cannot find a reason to Ban E-Cigs

(Click on Video to Play)

John Cameron, James Cameron’s brother defends electronic cigarettes in this video from Fox News! FDA cannot find good reason to ban electronic cigarettes.


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